Berlusconi on the pitch, the Prosecutors into attack

Prosecutors set on Berlusconi since 1993
Francesco Roccasalva

Italy is the country I love”. The message to the Italians with which Berlusconi announced his entry into politics started this way. […]

“A primary school essay” commented “La Stampa”. “The banality in power”. ”The coccodè guy gets down to the pitch” wrote Eugenio Scalfari on the leading article of “La Repubblica”. […]
Berlusconi has not only had to face the irony of the press, the chilly atmosphere of Confindustria and the Strong Powers, the opposite campaigns of Rai (to which the enthusiastic ones of Rete4 e Italia1 opposed, but they had less audience)
He had immediately to face the Prosecutors.
Until 20th July 1993 the Milan Prosecutor thought not to implicate Silvio Berlusconi in tis investigations. That day, during a lunch with Antonio Di Pietro, I asked him why Berlusconi and Finivest (the holding of Berlusconi) – among many entrepreneurs and many companies under investigations – saved themselves. “Berlusconi” reply to me the magistrate “finances the parties giving them TV spot”. And this is not a crime.
I knew later from Gianni Letta, that to draw at this conclusion, the Milan Prosecutor examined the documents concerning the issue.
I have already said to Di Pietro that I have never – correctly – denied the circumstance, when I have reported it on my books.
Even because of that Berlusconi considered himself the consignee of a message sent from Francesco Saverio Borrelli on “Corriere della sera” of 20th December 1993: “Those who want to propose as a candidate, look inside at themselves. Who is not honest, it is better if he goes back. Who is honest goes on without any worries.” […]
When, in autumn of 2004, I reminded Di Pietro that in the summer of 1993 he explained me the reasons why Tangentopoli did not affect Berlusconi, the former magistrate moved forward the subject and he said to me: “ When on January 1994 Berlusconi announced his entry onto the pitch, I do not remember whether at the Milan Prosecutor there were 23 or 31 proceedings to companies or people of his entourage.
Therefore it is allowed to wonder whether the judicial authority set on Berlusconi because he went into politics or if Berlusconi went into politics because the judicial authority set on him.
I verified at the legal offices that support Berlusconi and they told me that, on January 1994, Silvio Berlusconi, did not have any action against. […]
Berlusconi, after his entry into politics, was the consignee, from the Milan Prosecutor, of 17 investigations on 1994 and of other 23 on 1995. Forty investigations in less than two years.

Drawn from "Storia d' Italia da Mussolini a Berlusconi", Bruno Vespa