Is this freedom of information? Santoro spreads live the first seven digit number of Berlusconi' s telephone

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There is no limit to the loss of face and to the invasion of privacy. After the interceptions and the details of the private and sexual life of the premier, the numbers of telephone come. Before the ones of Fede, Mora e Minetti, spread by the network Indymedia, now also the one of the premier, live at Annozero. Yesterday has been broadcast the nth episode of the Santoro' s programme-trial: titled, The fianceè of Italy. Berlusconi, once again, in the sights. A cure-all for the share of the programme of Rai Due. Two good hours of transmission to search among the sheets of Arcore. 
Sandro Ruotolo, correspondent of Annozero, interviews Nadia Macrì, call girl from Reggio Emilia, came to the fore for having boasted about an intimate acquaintance of the premier. Nacrì tells, in details, her alleged nights in Arcore (stories partly denied by his mother, his ex-husband and his boyfriend) and then she opens the telephone book to show the phone number of Berlusconi. Presidente Silvio Berlusconi and a string of numbers, the journalist scurries to cover it partially with a finger. Just partially. Ruotolo covers the last three digit-numbers of the premier' s telephone. An expedient that, normally,is enogh to prevent to be found. Just Normally. But on the 389 pages of the record delivered to the Council for the authorization of the attorney of Milan, and misteriously finished at the mercy of the web, is reported the telephone-book of the brazilian call-girl Michelle. Among her phone numbers there is the one of Berlusconi as well. Even in this case come of the digit-numbers are covered by omissis, but only the first four. You can read clearly the last three digit numbers, those Ruotolo covered with a hand.
That' s it. Combining the numbers of Michelle and the ones showed by Annozero you can have the telephone number of the premier. After few minutes of the end of the transmission some web sites publish with headlines the number of the premier and the news starst to appear even on facebook. Thanks to Annozero. Is this freedom of information?