The life of an abnormal person: mail from a writer

Hi mate, how you doing? (...)
 I do not feel so good... 2010 is started in the worst way: foremost they did not pay my salary, second I lost my job. It has been the worst thing that can be happened. So I feel depressed again, because I do not have money to enjoy myself and I have to stay at home, alone. I do not have willingness to look for a fucking job, I am not happy, because I wanna fuck... I have not fucked for a long time, then you can understand why I need so much that and it is the most important thing in my thoughts.
Anyway... I would like to write a book and maybe I could include my previous fucking works, that is really important to understand all. I want to write a book about my experience of life, trying to explain why I have done certain things according to my mind, to the background where I had to live, and above all to the family whom I have lived together.
My life, as you know, has not been extraordinary, but I have opened my mind staying with people who where from any social class, therefore I shared my life with them.
Fortunately or unfortunately my family has had alternating periods of luck, and above all in the last one I fell into depression.
But I do not want to tell you all now...
The my book' s objective is to make people aware that the man will ever do what he thinks that is better.
I am sure that the man is conditioned in his choices by a lot of things. I am not the first person who says that, but still today people judge everything without thinking.
Literature is recovering and preservation of life. The lived experience is removed by the objective flow of the time. Only if the existence will be narrated and immortalized as literature, it will be possible to avoid the loss of the life' s most important moments and reliving the past' s experience, desires and drives that often are repressed in the reality. Life can be safeguarded only by the inept, by the ill, by the neurotic, by who is different in the society, therefore by the writer.