Also Berlusconi, at times, is wrong about the timing

Translated from an article of Marcello Foa

Like who follows politics, I have been surprised when Berlusconi has offered to Pierluigi Bersani (the PD leader) a bipartisan agreement to pass economic reforms, essentials for the country.
Berlusconi attempts to bring up the Italian problems to the core of the politics and to start a comparison rather constructive than poisonous. Make me surprised the timing. Berlusconi can be appreciated or not, but everybody admits his communicator talent and his instinct to read and to give into the opinions of Italian people, with extemporaneous choices, that experts do not understand often. It explains his electoral successes on the one hand, the ability to resist to the scandals and the judiciary investigations on the other one.

This time we witness to a weird performance.

The conciliatory swing should have been built in the span of two or three days, with a steady changing of the language, making the rumours about the new strategy filtering out.

But Berlusconi has preferred the "zero option". Sunday furious controversy with D' Alema, who has proposed a big crowd for the democratic emergency, at the end of a furious week. The day after the sudden proposal.

It will maybe result that he was right. He has made us surprised many times and he will maybe do it this time as well; the impression is that he hes been wrong proper in his field, the one of communication.

On my opinion the phase of detente will last few days or perhaps it has already finished (because of the immediate negative answer of the PD), until there will be a total victory of one of the two parts.