I' ll badmouth you - Luca e Paolo

I' ll badmouth you, I' ll go to Il Giornale (newspaper of Berlusconi), with in hand a photo where you are with a transsexual, then I' ll deliver the wiretaps e you' ll be slandered. I' ll badmouth you with certain videos that I' ll give to Bocassini (magistrate). And I' ll show her women on the box, and I put Ruby as well. And if you don't see Emilio (managing editor of Rete 4) I add him with photoshop. I' ve already talked to Lele who declares... What? Everything. I' ll badmouth you, it will be my worm, with the house in Montecarlo of your family's members, wives and ox all yours. I am slandering you, I also bring Santanchè (a woman of  PDL, the Berlusconi party) to the police headquarters. The girls are with me and they support me if the rent of Via Olgettina (the street where the Berlusconi's party girls was living) is headed to me. You know that your brother-in-law, he own the house of Montecarlo. I' ll badmouth you, I' ll make the inventory of your parties with Noemi (another ex underage) and D' Addario (an escort). I' ll badmouth you, I' ll say to D' Agostino (a journalist) that your mother-in-law and Bocchino (the number 2 of  FLI, the Gianfranco Fini party) undertake on contract by Rai (the government television). And if you wiretap Nicole Minetti (member of PDL, under investigation for prostitution), there is Ghedini (member of PDL and lawyer of Berlusconi) who wiretap you. I' ll badmouth you in Santoro's place (a programme of Rai of the left-wing), now I call. I' ll badmouth you, you won't demolish me. Yes, but only you go to the courtroom on 6 april.