In Italy state of emergency for the immigrants. But was not Tunisia the new paradise?

It has restarted the disembarkation of stowaways in Lampedusa. They are all Tunisian and, in a few days, it is not difficult to judge it, they will be all Egyptian. However we do pay the price.
Marcello Foa

We have seen the pictures of the Tunisian crowd that was exulting after the fall of the satrap Ben Ali and the world greeting a new age of peace, prosperity and progress has been moved a few weeks ago. It is going on stage the same movie set on Caito at this time, with an only difference: the satrap's name is Mubarak and he has stood on power longer than expected. As for the rest it is all the same, as it is identical the rhetoric of Western media that sing the praises of the freedom, of the crowd's joy, of the Arab world's awakening.

Nevertheless it is restarted the disembarkation of stowaways at this time. Of course they are all Tunisian and, in a few days, it is not difficult to judge it, they will be all Egyptian. Thousands and thousands, to such an extent that the Italian government is forced to declare the humanitarian crisis. 

But if it has started a new happy age with extraordinary opportunities of development, something does not add up. Logically Tunisian should remain in Tunisia. But the reality, as always, is different from what the mainstream media depict.

I wonder: Why do they escape? Maybe because it is not the announced change, considering that the generals continue to be in charge, and they were in charge before as well? For the time being the only tangible change is that the new-old regime has loosened up the frontier's controls or encounters bigger difficulties in supervising the coasts.

Good result. And congratulations to Obama, without which it all would not be possible. However we do pay the price.

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