The nightmare of italian 007

Risk of secession and Islamic Emirate

The italian government does the best it can to prepare itself to face the repercussions of the libyan riot: first, the migration from North Africa; but the major risk, accordind to the foreign minister Frattini, is the secessionist movement in Cyrenaica, with strong islamic extremism connotations.

An intelligence source confirmed to Il Giornale: "They are balancing out in defence of themselves  and we expect that the blood flow significantly. " On the diplomatic front, Italy works behind the scenes for the cessation of violence by both sides.

  Bloody actions arerecorded from either side of the fenceThe Foreign Ministry supports the line of Seif al-Islam aimed to a political negotiation process and the launching of the ConstitutionAccording to diplomatic sources, the main concern is "the territorial integrity of LibyaWe are facing a secessionist movement in Cyrenaica with strong Islamic connotations

There are not only the Muslim Brotherhood among the rioters, but also Islamic extremists, sometimes infiltrated from neighboring countries, which relate to the Al Qaida's ideologyThe Italian foreign minister attended the EU's meeting about the Libyan  crisis yesterday in BrusselsThere have been arguments with the Finns, who, in addition to the condemnation of the violence, demanded sanctions against Qaddafi as well, without knowing the problem well.