Possible Naples Connection for Arcore Party Girls

Showgirl Sara Tommasi and visits to PM’s residence turn up in inquiry into counterfeit euros

A Naples connection has emerged in the investigation by the Milan public prosecutor’s office into the prime minister’s parties. Counterfeit currency trafficking involved individuals in contact with Lele Mora and Fabrizio Corona. Phone calls and text messages tapped over the past few weeks have revealed new details of how girls for Arcore and Silvio Berlusconi’s other villas were recruited. They throw into focus the accounts of participants at the soirées, confirming and corroborating statements and conversations already in the magistrates’ file in Milan. They could also provide a context for the new statements by Fabrizio Corona, who in an interview published yesterday by Il Mattino newspaper spoke about “photos of Berlusconi in the nude that are being negotiated with the underworld in Naples by representatives of weekly magazines”. In the next few days, Mr Corona will be questioned as a witness to discover whether he has any real information or whether his latest move is just another attempt to gain media attention or make money. Meanwhile, the inquiry conducted by public prosecutors Marco Del Gaudio and Antonello Ardituro has already thrown new light on the prostitution ring involving the prime minister’s homes.
Links with “Bartolo”
It all began a few months ago when the police launched an inquiry into the distribution of counterfeit euros. One of those monitored was V.S., known as “Bartolo”, who looked after the publicity campaigns and public image of a number of women. But he also tried to pass off counterfeit banknotes. Phone taps revealed his relations with Mr Corona, and in particular with Sara Tommasi, who would become a key figure in the Naples investigations, although not herself a suspect. Ms Tommasi went to Arcore several times and was there on 25 April with Ruby and the other women from the Olgettina complex when Vladimir Putin arrived. Tapped conversations enabled investigators to reconstruct other paid encounters she had in Naples. Her phone was tapped in order to find evidence for possible charges of inducement to prostitution to be brought against her interlocutors in Naples.
Sara’s stories
Ms Tommasi sent several text messages to Silvio Berlusconi, who did not reply. The messages contained merely greetings and good wishes. But the woman’s stories about the role of Lele Mora and the parties at Arcore are believed to be much more interesting. Ms Tommasi, who appeared on L’isola dei famosi [the Italian version of Celebrity Survivor – Trans.], spoke extensively about what the girls did, the methods used by “Lele” to recruit them and how payments were made. Public prosecutors are reported to have called her in as a witness before passing a copy of the file to their colleagues in Milan. What has emerged from investigations over the past few weeks appears to corroborate the charges levelled at Mr Mora but it also opens new areas of inquiry into the relations of those involved with Neapolitan organised crime over meetings for sex and perhaps more besides.
Forbidden photos
For several days, rumours have been going round about the existence of photos that show Silvio Berlusconi with the women in compromising positions. The pictures are not in the Milan magistrates’ file but are said to be available for purchase, at a very high price. They could be photos taken surreptitiously by one of the women at the parties and then handed over to someone with the right connections for sale, or to demand money in exchange for making them disappear. This tactic has been used Mr Corona, who has been tried and convicted of attempted extortion as a result. Now the photographer is claiming that organised crime is handling the pictures. But how much of what he says is true? It is possible that he received the information from the persons now being investigated for distributing counterfeit banknotes, or that he obtained it from other sources. Among those said to have tried to sell photos in the past few days is the brother of Roberta O., the friend of Noemi who spent ten days at Villa Certosa to see in New Year 2008. He may not be the only one. In any case, the dangerous relations of some of the party guests have already come to light during the Milan investigation. For example, Eleonora De Vivo, one of the Neapolitan twins who frequent the prime minister’s residence and have an apartment in the Olgettina complex, is the girlfriend of Massimo Grasso, a businessman from Campania and a Forza Italia municipal councillor, who was recently under investigation for Camorra-style criminal association.
Drawn from Il Corriere della Sera