Submission to the consumerism - Pier Paolo Pasolini

The Consumerism is the only ideological system which has truly involved the working class as well, because it is the only one which can give aggressiveness, that is necessary to consume.

If a person is merely subdued, follows the pure instinct of the submission, like an old farmer who lowered the head and lived with it, thing that is sublime like the heroism. 

Nowadays there is not this resignation and submission spirit anymore, because, otherwise, what consumer is a person who resign and accept a retrograde, ancient and inferior condition? He has to fight to raise his social condition. "I lower the head in the name of God" is a big phrase. 

Whereas the consumer now cannot at all lower the head. On the contrary he always demands his rights, believing it, but he is just a poor stupid. I do not think there will ever be a kind of society where the man is free. Therefore is useless to hope it. You should never hope for anything. Hope is a horrible thing, invented by the parties to string alone their members.