Benedict XVI presented today his new book about Jesus

"Jesus has separated religion and politics, the church today is a boat in a storm"

"With his announcement, Jesus has made a departure of the religious dimension from the politics one, a separation that has changed the world and that truly belongs to the essence of his new route"is one of the main points of the Pope's new book dedicated to Jesus, presented today at the Vatican. A text that focuses on the period "from the entrance into Jerusalem to the Resurrection", linking to the previous volume published in 2007 which covered the period from his baptism to the transfiguration. If there is time, said Benedict XVI, he will deal in a forthcoming volume with the childhood of Jesus.

The step about the separation between religion and politics is contained in the seventh chapter, The trial of Jesus, on which Benedict XVI explains how they came to the condemnation of Christ, focusing on the figure of Caiaphas and Pontius Pilate.

The Pope emphasizes that the order in force at the time of Jesus, "the two dimensions  the political and religious ones - were, in fact, absolutely inseparable from each other". The specific interest on the power of the dynasty of Annas and Caiaphasthe high priests, joins on it. And on the decision to put Jesus to death, it did not only weigh a political concern, linked to the "legitimate concern to protect the temple and the people," but also "the selfish desire for power ofy the dominant group."