The interview of Fausto Biloslavo with Gaddafi

Biloslavo went into the fortified town of Bab Al Azizya. The Colonel said: "I will not be like Saddam, if the West will attack me it is going to be holy war. "And about Sarkozy: "He has a problem of mental disorder"

Your troops marching on Benghazi, the rebel stronghold. Are you ready to recapture Cyrenaica with the military force or even using the negotiation?
Dialogue with who? The people are on my side. People ask us to intervene, saying "Save us from these gangs." Negotiating with terrorists linked to Osama Bin Laden is not possible. They themselves do not believe in dialogue, but they only fight and killkill and kill. Your idea of the situation in Benghazi is completely wrong. The population is scared of these people and we must free it."

Excuse me, but the leader of the opposition National Council, Mustafa Abdel Jalil, was the Libyan justice minister until a few weeks ago. Not all the rebels are terrorists ...
"The people of this Council are as if they were held hostage by Al Qaeda. We aretemporarily using. The Council is a facade, does not exist. Some soldiers who are part of them said that they had no alternative: if they have not accepted they would have cut their throats as Al Zarqawi used to do (Al Qaida terrorist killed in Iraq).

How many time will you need to reconquest the Cyrenaica in the hands of the rebels?
"They have no hope, it is a lost cause for them. There are only two options: surrender or run away. These terrorists use civilians as human shields, including women. "

Are not you afraid that an attack on the rebel-held cities will end in a blood bath?
"We must fight terrorism. For this reason we are moving quickly to avoid massacres."

But you are negotiating with the Kabylia, the Libyan tribe, to avoid the worst ...
"Terrorists do not listen nor the Kabyle, no I and neather you. The order for our troops is to surround them, and to lay siege to them. Then I hope and pray Allah in order that they will accept the surrender without fighting, involving civilians. If they will surrender we will not kill them."

Misurata, the third city of the country, is already under siege. How will it end?
"The terrorists will be prosecuted, but the ordinary people, who have been misled, will be forgiven. There will be mercy if they down their arms"

The international community gave you up since the beginning...
"They do not know what actually happens in Libya (and begins to giggle). People are with me. The rest is propaganda. I can only laugh."

Libya had a great relationship with Italy and you personally with Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. How do you judge that italian goverment distances itself from you?
"I am really shocked by the attitude of my european friends. In this way, they have put at risk and damaged a large number of security arrangements and the economic cooperation that we had."

With Berlusconi there was a personal relationship as well...
"I am so shocked, I feel betrayed, I do not know what to say to Berlusconi."

Internationally they are talking about imposing a no-fly zone to Lybia and France seemed ready to bomb. What is your reaction?
"I think that Mr Sarkozy has a problem of mental disorder. He said things that can only pop out by a madman. "

If you will overcome the crisis would you be ready to take a step back, leaving space for your son Seifal-Islam and fro reforms?
"The Libyans will decide through People's Committees and People's Congress. The reforms are fine and also for my son, if the choice will have come by the people I will accept it."

The Tunisian President Ben Ali has fled. Egyptians forced Mubarak to give around to Sharm el Sheik. Are you not afraid to come to no good?
(Gaddafi understand the question and laughs)
"I am very different from them. People are on my side and gives me strength. I am not afraid."

Not even to be tried for war crimes?
"Any international commission can come to Libya to realize what really happened on the ground."

Are not you afraid of ending up like Saddam Hussein?
"No, no, our war is against al Qaeda, but if they (the westerners) behave with us as they did in Iraq, Libya will be released from the alliance against terrorism. we will form an alliance with al Qaida and declare holy war."

Source: Il Giornale