The solution: Gaddafi like bin Laden

NATO bombed Gaddafi's bunker last night, they killed a son and some granchildren of Colonel's about ten days ago. The West continues to repeat that intends to make governments respect UN resolution and the other day Hillary Clinton has been prudent about the "post".

It appears obvious that the bombing raid on Gaddafi represents a clear violation of the UN mandate, but it seems that nobody is interested in this weird war, nor pacifists - disappeared - neither the other big powers such as Russia and China, that mutter but, in fact, do not oppose. Media are not paying attention, to say the least, and the public opinion is indifferent.

Their behaviour is motivated mainly by the extraordinary mistakes made by Sarkozy. This is the worst war in forty years. Worst in the sense that it has not been planned militarily, it has not been prepared diplomatically, it has not definite objectives, it cannot rely on US force anymore, that is the only western power that can make a difference. And lybian forces continues to violate the no-fly zone easily. A disaster.

And since we cannot imagine nor an intervention on the ground, neither a protraction "sine die" of the war, we have only a solution: doing with Gaddafi the same thing that we have done with bin Laden.

With a missile or a raid of the special forces. An option that nobody will admit, but it has no alternative, for less than consider the unilateral end of the missions.

Kill Gaddafi is the only exit-strategy. Am I wrong?

Translated from an article of Marcello Foa